Harbour Logistics

Transport and logistics in the maritime industry

In today's harbour environments, an impressive amount of work is performed by fully automated container terminals. For that reason, this challenging field is a careful balance between process optimization and IT. RedWave's technical people provide the link between ship and shore in a dynamic and internationally oriented environment. In Harbour Logistics, there is truly no room for error, administrative and operational tasks alternate at a high pace. Good technical people can make all the difference!

Multidisciplinary jobs in the harbour

RedWave strives to employ multidisciplinary workers is increasingly expected by the present-day harbour environment. As such, harbours provide opportunities for personnel of many different backgrounds: IT specialists who know their engineering, mechanics who are knowledgeable on specific materials, logisticians with maintenance skills. This, of course, is a development we can get on board with! Are you ready for a challenging job? Have a look at our most recent vacancies or just enter in your contact details.