RedWave enables!

Does the thought of working in heavy industry such as dismantling a platform get you motivated? Operating heavy cranes? Taking apart large structures out on open water? Up to the year 2030, there will be a global focus on decommissioning. Many obsolete production platforms will be removed from the ocean to be demolished. This creates a booming market that we, as leading provider of highly qualified offshore personnel, are more than ready to explore.

Will you roll with the RedWave?

RedWave are fully aware of the technical standards for decommissioning and the best practice working methods. We actively seek opportunities for reducing the costs for removing non-productive platforms and how the deconstructions work can be done safely and efficiently offshore. Of primary importance is ensuring the work is carried out safely and professionally. We have the right people to work in small or large scale projects. Part of our success is teamwork, through sharing knowledge and experience to ensure high standards. Look at our vacancies 'link link-cta open-application-button'> or leave your contact details