RedWave's technical people make all the difference

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RedWave strives to link up motivated technical teams and innovative organisations in Oil & Gas, Wind, Decommissioning, Maritime Contracting, Petrochemicals and Harbour Logistics..

Looking for qualified technical people?

We provide specialised recruitment solutions in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the UK. With our focus on quality, know-how and expertise, we enable you to make your short-term and long-term projects into success stories. Through RedWave, ambitious clients and competent personnel find each other time and time again.

Available 24/7

With RedWave, you're never on your own. In case of shutdown, illness or other calamities, we offer appropriate solutions. You can reach us day and night, and we are always ready to respond when necessary.

Offshore & Onshore

RedWave is continually exploring new industries. As a knowledge partner, we think proactively and provide hands-on solutions from surprising new angles. We know as well as you that the days of traditional industrial development have passed. We recently expanded our portfolio to include Wind, Decommissioning, Maritime Contracting, Petrochemicals and Harbour Logistics. Rather than focusing on that one distant dot, we take in the whole horizon. Through our expertise and experience, we are able to take the lead in each of these fields.

Allow us to introduce our technical people

To ensure we provide nothing but the highest quality, all our personnel is both handpicked and extensively screened. We work with people who are truly cut out for their job. As a reliable knowledge partner, we do our part in improving the labour market and stimulating activity and innovation in the burgeoning sectors we are involved. Through the know-how we have amassed during our many years in the Oil & Gas industry, we are able to provide...

…technical people who add value

Want to know why RedWave is the definite answer to all your recruitment needs? We like to think that our reputation and track record serve to answer that question by now. If you are not yet familiar with us, allow us to sumarise our strong points:

1. Safety
It almost goes without saying that safety comes first with us.

2. Highly trained people with multidisciplinary skills
We select the best talents and provide development opportunities to make them truly shine.

3. An extensive network
As market leader in technical recruitment, we offer a substantial database of ambitious professionals.

4. Know-how
Our knowledge and experience enable us to figure out exactly what clients needs are.

5. Communication on a personal level

For us, it's not just about knowledge, but just as much about people. Both internally and externally, we like to keep communication direct and personal.

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